Cymraeg English

The Board

TimTim Pullen - Chair

Tim’s interest in renewable energy and sustainability goes back to the days of long hair, open-toed sandals and patchouli oil, inspired by visits to the Royal Festival Hall heat pump and the Edmonton heat-from-waste projects. In 1979 this initial burst of enthusiasm lead to him trying, and failing, to build a biogas digester to convert pig manure into fuel.
In 2000 Tim moved to a small-holding in South Wales where his enthusiasm for renewable energy was fanned again by the natural resources the holding gave him. Such that his home is powered by a wind turbine and heated by a wood pellet boiler. In 2005 he then founded his consultancy, WeatherWorks, to provide advice and guidance on sustainable design, renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies. He is also a mentor with Business Wales. Tim writes on sustainability and renewable energy for a number of magazines and national newspapers and has written three books on the subject.

TomTom Defis - Treasurer

Tom has a been a Carmarthenshire County Councillor for Carmarthen Town West since 2012. He is on the Social Care and Health Scrutiny Committee and Housing Review Panel (Substitute) for the county and is a school governor of the Welsh medium schools Bro Myrddin and Ysgol y Dderwen. He is also the Christian Aid coordinator for West Wales, an organisation that works to eradicate poverty and tackle the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

LynneLynne Colston - Director

Lynne’s career in the public sector spans some 40 years. As a strategic partnership associate for Welfare to Work and regeneration Lynne has worked for prime contractors like Serco & Working Links where she selected a network of local providers to deliver national contracts across Wales enabling much smaller grassroots community organisations to enter the employment training and skills market. Lynne believes passionately in job creation through regeneration. Re-generation of our community buildings, our land, people and our community spirit to create a network of local social companies all investing back into their community. 

One of her priorities as a director for YSG is to develop employment routes to work and ensure that jobs for our future generations are funded by Welsh government skills budgets. Lynne is a long-term mentor for Renew Wales & Enterprise Solutions Business start up support. Her focus is developing community enterprise. 

Mari ArthurMari Arthur - Director

Mari is currently a Partner at Afallen Cymru LLP and a free-lance marketing and communications consultant specialising in sustainability. Until early 2020 Mari was the Director of Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, and has managed cross-sector projects, with recent focus on the utility sector, vulnerable customers, community engagement, sustainability and the environment. Based in Trimsaran and Cardiff, Mari has been a Board Member at Ynni Sir Gâr since 2017, she is also a Board Member at Warm Wales and a school governor at Stebonheath School and Ysgol Y Strade Llanelli. Mari also currently sits on Dŵr Cymru’s Customer Challenge Group and Wales & West Utilities Customer Engagement Group and Chairs Dŵr Cymru’s Independent Environmental Advisory Panel.

Felix Kingerlee - Director

Felix is an English graduate, writer and performing poet. He has an optimistic approach to the current climate crises. Enjoys exploring new technologies, ideas and paths that will benefit the wildlife around us, as well as having numerous positive outcomes for our own culture and wellbeing. He is a keen activist, starting a letter writing group for Amnesty International at University, launching a campaign entitled "Post-Plastic, Posting back our unwanted plastic packaging for a Post-Plastic future." As well as taking many other opportunities to support positive change, including currently starting a campaign to push the Dyfed Pension Fund take action on the divestment it has been requested to do, and promoting the Really Simple Plan to Solve the Climate Emergency. He is currently training as an electrician with an aim to focus on renewable energies and potentially car charging points. He is also a student of Moshe Feldenkrais’ work around movement and posture. Which incorporates the idea that who we think we are, what we want to achieve and how we go about trying to realise these ambitions is synonymous with our posture and how we move.