Invest in Share Offers

Building renewable energy projects is an expensive business, and we expect to invest millions of pounds in Carmarthenshire in pursuit of our aims.  While we expect to win some grants, and to access both private investment and traditional bank finance, we aim to raise as much of this money as possible through share offers.  We will seek FSA (Financial Services Authority) approval for all share offers, and for endorsement of their eligibility under the Enterprise Investment Scheme.  This will offer the following benefits:

  • Taxpaying investors can claw 30% of their investment back in tax relief over three years – that’s £300 in every £1,000 invested, or 10% per annum
  • We will aim to pay a dividend of between 3% and 7% annually, subject to the discretion of the Board, between years 3 and 20 of any given scheme – this means more money in the local economy
  • Finance raised through shares is cheaper than bank finance, meaning more profit, re-invested into more local schemes
  • Local people can directly own a part of their own project
  • Each project will be part of a growing portfolio, offering strong security in the event of problems with any one scheme

There will be a minimum shareholding, to be confirmed, and the maximum investment under share offers is set at £20,000.  Please contact us if you want to explore investing a larger sum.

Every share offer will have its own documents detailing the terms of that share offer, and accompanied by details of the scheme to be financed.

We are also exploring ways to work with the Credit Union sector, to create savings accounts that help people to set aside the minimum investment, ensuring that as many people as possible are included in the opportunity to own part of their local renewable energy scheme.  Watch this space…

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