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Energy Local Launched in Llandysul

Llandysul Energy Local Club is a part of a growing network of innovative energy clubs across Wales.  Ynni Sir Gâr are happy to announce that the Llandysul club is now up and running and ready for switching over to Octopus Energy (Energy Local’s partners) so that householders and small businesses can benefit from a local energy tariff.

An Energy Local Club is a system whereby local generation can be used by local residents and businesses. When local energy is not being produce

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Ynni Sir Gâr EV Car charge points being installed in Carmarthenshire

We had a number of responses to our recent open call with several potentially suitable sites, which we are now assessing in more detail. We hope to install 2-3 Ynni Sir Gâr owned public EV chargepoints within the next few months, with the intention of installing more next year.

Additionally, work on public EV chargepoints on Carmarthenshire Council car parks has started with groundworks complete on over twenty sites. Commissioning will take place later this year as things are currently

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Interested in EV chargepoints?

Are you interested in an electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint?

Carmarthenshire Energy are seeking organisations to host electric vehicle chargepoints. Carmarthenshire Energy will cover supply and installation costs, and all running costs other than supply of electricity.

The host benefits by bringing in extra custom from electric vehicle users looking to use facilities whilst charging.

Ideally the host will be looking to increase their footfall and be located in close proximity to trunk ro

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New Electric Charge Point in Johnstown Carmarthen

There is now an electric car charge point in Xcel Bowl, Johnstown, Carmarthen! We have covered the supply and installations costs for this new point, as well as covering all running costs other than the supply of electricity. Xcel Bowl, as the hosts, will benefit by bringing in extra custom from electric vehicle users looking to use facilities whilst charging. Pop in for a coffee or a game of bowling:

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A Really Simple Plan To Solve The Climate Emergency

It’s remarkable how everyone says that solving the Climate Emergency is going to be really complicated and expensive.
There’s actually a really simple way to solve the Climate Emergency.
Click here for the Really Simple Plan To Solve The Climate Emergency.

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